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Dr. Judy Brangman is a board certified Internal Medicine physician.
She is certified in plant based nutrition and is plant based.

Dr. Brangman uses her medical expertise to provide her audiences with evidence based information that will enable them to stay healthy, get healthy, and in some cases take less medications. She also uses nutritional counseling, prescribes physical activity, stress management techniques, and other non-pharmacologic ways to manage medical conditions. 

Dr. Brangman's goal is to help YOU achieve lasting wellness!


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Brand partnerships with Dr. Brangman

Dr. Brangman engages her clientele via social media platforms, workshops, speaking engagements, and webinars with content related to veganism, plant based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, fitness, and more. Is your company interested in partnering with Dr. Brangman to further your company's marketing objectives? Email info@theplantbasedmd.com with more information and to request our media kit.

Raleigh, NC