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Biblical Reasons to Eat Healthy 

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Hi! I'm Dr. Judy, board certified Internist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. 

Every day I help Black women just like you, easily incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine without the overwhelm. Let's face it, the health & wellness and nutrition space is confusing with so many different opinions. I help by breaking down the science and medical information in an unbiased way that is easy to understand. Not only that, you'll feel motivated and empowered to make those healthy lifestyle changes that you've been struggling to make. 


Katie Selvie

Plant Centered Nutrition

Testimonial. Dr. Judy was a wonderful speaker at our plant-based women's retreat! Our guests were engaged and energized by her passion and ability to relay evidence-based information from her years of work, research, and expertise. Dr. Judy beautifully intertwined the message of her session, ‘Primary Care for Plant-Based Women,’ with our retreat's overarching framework, which is all about empowering women in the plant-based space. During her session, our guests asked questions and sought guidance from Dr. Judy. Our guests were pleased with the presentation and were excited to share their insights with others. We knew we were going to get a great session from Dr. Judy, but it definitely exceeded our expectations!

Katie Selvie

Plant Centered Nutrition

Samantha Arrington


Testimonial. Dr. Brangman presented information regarding proper nutrition from a predominantly plant based perspective. She did an awesome job presenting the material in a non-judgmental way and offered suggestions on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Dr. Judy's passion for helping the community to understand the importance of proper nutrition is inspiring.  She's open and honest about the impact it has had on her own life and her patients. She's truly a holistic physician that cares about patients and how she can help them to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to live their best lives. I truly appreciate her outreach and commitment!


Ways to Work Together

Health Program

Our health program helps Black Christian women eat more plant based and grow in their spiritual walk.

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Physician Entrepreneur Consult

I offer consults for lifestyle medicine physicians who are starting their business, who want to build their brand and social media presence, or help with marketing.



Our workshops provide you with information and tools to help you to manage chronic disease better. Topics- Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Loss. Subscribe to our email list to be notified when the next workshop will be held. 


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