Physician, Business Coach

I have been plant based for over 8 years and love it! I started my social media platform in 2017, while working in primary care. At the time, I felt I didn't have enough time in the visits to discuss nutrition. I knew my patients needed to learn the importance of healthy eating. They needed to know that they could potentially take less medications by eating a more whole food plant based diet. 

By God's grace and with my dedication, I grew my Instagram and Facebook platforms to 43K followers. Then, I decided to launch a business. In February 2020, Newell Health came to life. It started out as an in-person practice and shortly after when the pandemic hit, transitioned to a telemedicine practice. I experienced burnout during the pandemic. But having my own business gave me a sense of freedom and joy. 

Since then I have created highly successful health summits, online courses, and health coaching programs. Now, I help lifestyle medicine physicians do what I have done, build a sustainable and profitable brand and business. 

Dr. Judy




I credit my success to being obedient to what God is leading me to do, especially when I didn't want to or thought it would be impossible. 


I have visited every continent except Antarctica. And I can pack for a 2 week trip with only a carry-on! 


More than practicing medicine actually. Bringing ideas in my head to life and making a profit doing so gets me excited! 

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