What We Offer

We help you to live a Plantiful Life= stick to healthy, plant based eating habits and grow in faith.

P3 Fast: Plants, Prayer, Purpose

Fasting has played a pivotal role in Dr. Judy's health and faith. We plan to offer a guided fast, similar to a Daniel Fast in September 2023.


Lifestyle Medicine Business Intensive

Dr. Judy offers a 2-hour intensive for physicians who want to grow their lifestyle medicine business and become profitable.



Online Course Student

Testimonial. Dr. Judy's program is affordable, worth the money, time, and energy to be a better you. I've learned so much about the importance of getting enough sleep, daily exercise/physical activity, drinking enough water, managing stress, setting goals, thinking positively, eating the right plant-based foods prepared in the best way for prolonged weight loss and overall good health. Working with her has been and still is a tremendous blessing.  She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, friendly, encouraging and down to earth.  

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